YEAR: 1950 - 1958

The Aurelia used the first production V6 engine, a 60° design developed by Francesco de Virgilio. The engine was an all-alloy pushrod design with a single camshaft between the cylinder banks. During production, capacity grew from 1.8 L to 2.5 L. A hemispherical combustion chamber and in-line valves were used. A single Solex or Weber carburettor completed the engine. Some up rated models were fitted with twin carburettors. At the rear was an innovative transaxle with the gearbox, clutch, differential, and inboard-mounted drum brakes. The front suspension was a continuation of the sliding pillar design, with rear semi-trailing arms replaced by a de Dion tube in the Fourth series. The Aurelia was also the first car to be fitted with radial tires as standard equipment.


Aurelia 2nd Series Parts Book

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Aurelia 1st Series Parts Book

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Aurelia 1st Series Handbook

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Aurelia Handbook B10 (Italian)

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Auto Engineer 1951

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Aurelia Specifications

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Aurelia B20 6th Cutaway

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Aurelia Model Chart

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B10 Chassis Drawing 20/3/195

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Marketing Material

International Annual of Automobiles 1954

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The Motor 1954 - For High Speed Touring And Competitions

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1951 Aurelia Brochure

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1950 Aurelia Brochure

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Lancia Aurelia

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