YEAR: 1937 - 1949

Production commenced in February 1937, the month in which the firm's founder died: this was the last of Vincenzo Lancia's designs. The first series featured a 1,352 cc V4 motor providing 47 bhp. The second series had its engine capacity increased to 1,486 cc which provided 48 bhp. A Lusso model of this second series was also offered as well as a lungo (lengthened) version. A total of 20,082 cars and 7,554 additional chassis for coach built bodies were produced in Turin along with about 700 in France.


Aprilia Handbook 1st Series

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Aprilia Handbook 2nd Series

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1st Series Instruction Book

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Instruction and Parts Book (Early S1)

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Instruction and Parts book (Late S1)

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Autocar Road Test 1937

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The Motor Road Test 1937

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Motor Sport Report 1938

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Light Car 1937

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Servicing the Aprilia

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Andre Telecontrol

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Zenith V-Type

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Aprilia Engine Tolerances

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Marketing Material

1936 Aprilia Brochure (English)

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1939 Aprilia Brochure (English)

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1939 Aprilia Brochure (French)

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1949 Aprilia Brochure

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